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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kabbalic Post

The Jewish Kabbalists present an image of spiritual progression which depicts the manifestation of Infinite light (Qadosh) into the mind of men - called the Sephiroth. Here is a great website explaining it all.

Normally the Sephiroth, or tree of life, is presented thusly;

My contention is that perhaps the original mapping of virtues and vices is somewhat based on this progression. Why, after all, are there only seven of each? Too convenient, esp. if there are more virtues and vices which don't quite fit on the scale (which there are). Such an anomaly would suggest that the early fathers chose seven intentionally and then mapped the, in their opinion, most important vices/virtues correspondingly. If we follow the thought that numbers are qualitative as well as quantitative then the quality of 7 as a prime number is that of power derived from the combination of the earth (4) and the masculine principle of rational thought (3). Thus lucky number 7 is lucky b/c it is the power to alter things on the earth using reason. This reason leads to goods (virtues) and to ills (vices) b/c reason can effect good or ill change. Consequently, can the modes of the Sephiroth be the defining progression that creates the 7 and 7 correlation of the virtues and vices?

Here is a map of that possibility:

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