There be dragons!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Eros Two

There is a place where the neck meets the shoulder,
Where the shadow of form undulates on the wave;
A place in the mesa smoothed out by the rain,
The arroyo that runs through the ribbons of clay.

There is a place where the evening light plays,
Where the blood and the bone lie close to the skin;
A coolness of shade where the incense pools,
And the lilac scent swims in the head.

There is a place of a golden brown red,
Made bright by the beat of her pulsating heart;
When she flushes with color and her breath comes in gasps.
There where the heavenly meets the horizon

There where the night joins with the dawn
There where the mortal and immortal meet
Where the river of life links to the sea

There would I kiss her.


  1. I agree with Erin. Gorgeous stuff. "Neck meets shoulder" drew me right in. I know that place and I love that place, it transports me...I can't say where. I guess it's where the river of life links to the sea.