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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Re: 666.

Two shocking posts in a row!
This is an exchange with an alum from PA.

Hello Mr. Lasseter, how are you doing? i was wondering, if you could tell me how 666 was actually God's number and not the number of the devil. I remember that we talked about it one day, or week. However I cannot remember what was said, i was trying to have a argument with people, but I couldnt remember.

In Jewish mysticism, called Kabbalah (not the Madonna-modernist-Hollywood crap pseudo religion) each number has a metaphysical correspondence. Numbers are a language for speaking most purely about certain metaphysical qualities or states of being. In this language the numbers 2 and 3 are particularly important. 2 is the feminine power of contemplation and receptivity. 3 is the masculine power of intellection and dominance. Thus, since 6 is 2 operating on 3 (3+3) or 3 operating on 2 (2+2+2) it is a combination of the masculine and feminine powers working together in the creative process; rational thought, in other words. Next, any number elevated to a power of 3 signifies divine power rather than mortal (Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus = really holy). 666, then, is rational thought on a divine level. The dominance of rational order which creates and controls everything in existence. Finally, a bit of history (b/c undoubtedly we are referring to the passage in Revelation where the beast has 666 on its forehead). When a slave escapes once the punishment in the Ancient world was whipping. Twice = hobbling. Three times = branding the slave with the name of his master (normally on the forehead where it was most prominent). So 666 is not the number of the beast but the number put upon the beast who is the servant of the Lord of Rational Thought.
Perhaps the most exciting writer on this sort of stuff is John F. Michell :
or here at Amazon
City of Revelation:

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