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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Heroic imagery

The great struggle for our civilization is immanently winnable on the military front. The most dangerous and vulnerable front, however, is the psychological front here in the states themselves. As I am a firm believer, therefore, in the power of imagery to sway imaginations, I consider this movie “United 93” to be brilliant. We’ve seen anti-American and anti-heroic movies spew forth from Hollywood; everything from “Syriana” to “Sin City.” Where in all that is the character of the hero, the man or woman willing to lay down their life for what is right and good and true? The fictional character of Batman in “Batman Begins” was one such hero in an ocean of depressing and demoralizing films. So to was the story of “Cinderella Man.” But the first was a cartoon character, the second a character from an earlier era in American history. With the movie “United 93” heroes of the present age are depicted. This is exactly what is needed right now. Not only must the image of heroism be championed to combat the negative rewriting of history surrounded the events of 9-11, but it must be championed lest we, like the character Unferth in the Beowulf epic, lose heart, quail, and retreat. At this point in our history the enemy is at the gates. And if, through fear and cowardice, our shield wall breaks now...

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