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Monday, February 2, 2009

Posting some music

I was encouraged by this fellow, Brad Sucks, to post some of my music. I used to have some YouTube videos created for some of these, but gave up and took them down. - sorry about the hosting site: lots of extra crud in order to hear these tunes. I'd like to find a better free host but they probably don't exist.

Latex Lola (Again and Again and Again): reflecting on the dichotomy between real women and the plastycene fantasy of woman as plaything.

Sister Cornflower Part 2: written for my lovely woman and redone here to make it more strange and ethereal.

Lola's Leopardskin Bag: not sure, but very interesting turns of lyric, I think.

Radiant Rose: written after a dream about a college friend of mine.

Hungary: reflecting on the squalor, misery, and generally putridity which most people live in. We are hungry for something greater and this once great country, in which hunger is still predominant, reals under the effects of communism which so denied that metaphysical longing.

She's Like a Rainbow: a cover of a Rolling Stones song - though they do it better, to be sure.

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