There be dragons!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Shadows, smoke
The long night of dreaming
Immersion, oblivion
Dry land walkabout
Shapes brush past
The cheek is numb cold
Smoke & shadows!
A passing away.
The sun. she rises.
Breathe! Beauty! Form
Shadows. Submerged. Engulfed.
Darkness. Comprehending not.
Finding the light pinpoint.
Up from the depths



Golden leaves of a sycamore tree.

I am a ghost.
I am but a butterfly
Dreaming of you.


  1. Musings of a drug-addled post-surgery patient?

    Just kidding. Beautiful images here. Love the sycamore especially.

    How are you doing? Give me a call when you are able to go for a walk. I'll go with you.

  2. ugg addled? who's ugg addled? my mine is prefectly buttefries!

    Actually the initial reference is to a quotation from Zhuanzho (Chuang Cho).
    see here:
    I was thinking about the experience of coming up from the ether and returning to the world and what an exhausting business it is to live in the waking world. "to sleep. tis a consummation devoutly to be wished."

  3. The poem, although not strictly Haiku, is written to echo the Haiku of which Basho was the master;
    "learn of the pine from the pine, learn of bamboo from bamboo".
    Basho also said this, which I like;
    "Learn the rules, and then forget them" is one of my favourite quotes. It was Basho's advice to his students in learning the rules of writing Japanese haiku poetry, and is habitually taught in painting, calligraphy, flower-arranging, martial arts, and tea.