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Monday, July 24, 2006

Joy to the Person of My Love

Here's a dandy little Scots tune.

Joy to the Person of My Love
Joy to the person of my love although that she doth me disdain.
Fixed are my thoughts and cannot remove and yet I love in vain.
Shall I lose the sight of my joy and heart's delight?
Or shall I cease my suit?
Shall I strive to touch? Oh, no, that were too much;
She is forbidden fruit.
Ah, woe is me, that ever I did see
the beauty that did me bewitch.
But, now alas! I must forgo
the treasure I esteemed so much.
O whither shall my sad heart go, or whither shall I flee?
Sad echo shall resound my plaint or else, alack, I needs must die.
Shall I by her live who no life to me will give,
But deadly wounds my heart
If I flee away O will she cry me stay
My sorrow to convert?
O no, no, no she will not do so
But comfortless I must be gone.
But ere I go to friend or to foe
I’ll love her or I’ll love none.
A thousand good fortunes fall to her share although she hath forsaken me.
It filled my sad heart full of despair yet ever shall I constant be.
For she is the Dame my tongue shall ever name;
Fair branch of modesty.
Chaste in heart and mind, Oh, were she half so kind
Then would she pity me.
Oh, turn again, be kind as thou art fair
And let me in thy bosom dwell.
So shall I gain the treasure of love's pain.
Till then, my dearest love, farewell.

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