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Monday, December 6, 2010

Double Rainbow Full On

I did this sonnet based on the popular YouTube meme "Double Rainbow".


Double Rainbow Full On

Soon after rainstorm hungry bear gave song

To double rainbow brilliant in the sky

“O God, oh oh my god – it’s like full on!”

I’m sure his rainbow muse was ne’er so high.

“What does this mean, O god, o god, o GOD!

It’s so intense owow, owow, O WOW!

A double rainbow right in my backyard!”

He falls to earth and trembles (blubb’ring now)

Yet if you think this man a foolish boy

P’rhaps you’ve never known such ecstasy from care

As Danae did in golden slumberous joy

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We live a life that loves and hates our woes

And thanks the gods we see no triple bows.

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