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Monday, December 6, 2010

Double Rainbow Full Off

This is written as the responding voice to the first sonnet.

Double Rainbow Full Off

“What does this mean?” – a rainbow in the sky.

“In my backyard!” – where else would rainbows be?

“Full on!” – I never ask for Iris’ sighs

“It’s so intense” – and yet delights not me.

What type of guy would shout, “O whoa! Woe woe”?

Or fall a weeping at a rainbow’s light?

Who’d cry out, “God, my god” or utter “OH!”

Or let their Exsultate so take flight?

The Dog may bark and chimey windchimes wind

And still her quantities of secrets keep.

Are our small lives so parceled out by time

That we should be so plagued by troubled sleep?

To hungrybear the goddess came unbid

But I, from whom love flees, must click “next vid.”

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