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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gyges' Ring

The name of Gyges is derived from a reduplication of the Greek word, Ge (Ge), meaning earth and from which are derived our current words of Gaia, geography, geology. Thus Gyges is "dirt man" - a pun on words similar to the Biblical pun on the Hebrew Adamah, or earth, becoming Adam.

The theophanic imagery of the thunder and earthquake represent Zeus (the god of lightning) and Poseidon (the earth shaker); who also represent the intersection of the two realms of heaven and earth respectively.

This hearkens back to the intersection of the two circles in the golden ration in the midst of which is the vesica piscis, or vessel of the fish; the representation of the birth canal; the entrance into the other world and the passage back out into this world. It is the chasm in the earth which Gyges sees after the thaumatoi of the thunder and earthquake.

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